We have partnered with many carefully selected manufacturers in various regions of Asia. We consistently monitor and grade their quality, delivery, communication, value, etc. Our office in Shanghai regularly visits the factories to keep tabs on projects and overall performance. Our US staff also regularly visits factories for the same reasons. We partner with a premier US based supplier auditing firm with offices throughout Asia to conduct secondary audits on factories, as well as secondary inspections on specific projects.

We do not stop in Asia; we are always working to find the best value in manufacturing throughout the globe. We are currently working on developing partnerships with factories inother low-cost regions of Asia, Mexico, South America, and the USA.


Our staff carefully develops a CFIR (Critical Features Inspection Requirement) program for every product we manufacture. This is a collaboration of our quality and engineering team here in the US working with customers to ensure we have detailed drawings, tolerances, and features all clearly documented so that all parties (customer, Ryadon, factory, inspection team) are 100% on the same page to eliminate any disparity along the way. The factory employs these documents during and after production to ensure the product meets all requirements prior to shipping. These same documents are then referenced by our RI Team (Receiving Inspection) here in US to double check once more before product is repackaged and shipped to you, our customer.


Global logistics require careful foresight, we employ the best planning practices to ensure that product is delivered according to customers’ demands. One size does not fit all, every customer has different needs for schedules, inventory levels, forecasts, spikes, delivery methods, etc. We accommodate customers across a wide range of requirements; our planning practices provide significant value services to customers eliminating many of their own associated administrative costs. Some customers simply take product order-to-order in given lead times, while others provide us with periodic projections and we build a pipeline of product from raw materials, to production, to shipping, to stock, to dock, all in a hands off approach. They have the comfort of knowing that year round all the items we manufacture for them are always in stock at their facility at the right level, all of the time.