Roll Forming


Our roll forming experience has resulted in Ryadon being a leader in the ball bearing drawer slide industry. We produce a wide range of drawer slides used in a variety of industries and markets.

Roll forming, often called roll-forming or roll forming, is a rolling process that involves the continuous bending of a long strip of sheet metal (usually coiled steel) into the appropriate cross-section. The strip goes through sets of rollers mounted on successive stands, with each set completing an incremental portion of the bend, until the desired cross-section (profile) is achieved. Roll forming is perfect for mass-producing lengthy, constant-profile components in huge quantities.

Why partner with Ryadon? Our 30 plus years of experience provides us the expertise to source products in low-cost regions while delivering the familiarity of dealing directly with a US supplier. Global sourcing is a very challenging landscape with many pitfalls; we are intimately aware of the potential difficulties that arise and are proactive in preventing them. We have measures in place to quickly identify and resolve problems when they occur.

Our staff is a valuable asset to customers in assisting with new part development or changes to existing parts. We ensure that quality standards for all products are clearly documented and agreed upon to eliminate any existing or potential problems. Our production and logistics planning team is an extension of your staff. We manage the time consuming details to make sure our customers do not run out of time sensitive products.